White Micro Bikini

The micro bikini is a style of swimwear known for it's minimal coverage of the breasts and groin area. Women love to wear them to minimize tan lines and also to accentuate their well toned figures.

The small tops usually consist of two small pieces of fabric just big enough to cover the areola. The bottoms usually consist of a small triangle piece just big enough to cover the pubic region and a g-string for the backside.

Rumor has it, these swimsuits came about as a legal technicality when nudists found themselves banned from public beaches. These savvy nudists and beach enthusiasts pieced together the their own scantily clad beach wear that barely covered up the necessities but still let them feel free.

Today's really small swimsuits come in a variety of dazzling colors, fabric choices, and unique styles. You'll find them in red, white, black, green and anything in between. I'm talking mesh, sheer, shiny, leather, lace you name it. How about luxurious fabrics such as Chiffons and satins and silks, oh my! You like prints such as leopard, snake, cute hearts you got it!

In the picture below, we compare a micro bikini with a standard string bikini to give you an idea of the body coverage difference.

Micro Bikini vs String Bikini
These bathing suits are tiny and are a micro version of the standard bikini (hence the name). There are so many different designs and they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Designed for the very confident, they cover the bare necessities but are much more revealing than a standard type. They are available in either double-lined (AKA not transparent) or unlined, enabling you to tan through and will even go slightly transparent when wet which is perfect for those who love to show off a little more than just skin. Whether or not you've seen someone wearing one in your local area or not, this revealing swimwear can be seen on beaches throughout the world!

Smaller bikinis are a perfect blend of skimpy and sexy and range from little coverage to the skimpiest coverage that don't leave much to the imagination of bystanders. One thing that you can count on is that they are incredibly sexy and will definitely get plenty of compliments, and admirers, wherever it is worn.

They're designed to showcase a woman's best assets and are so barely-there that it will make people do a double take!

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